Anderson .Paak is an upcoming artist who released one of my personal favorite R&B/Rap albums, Malibu, in 2016. Now that he’s finally released his follow-up album Oxnard, a collaboration with Dr. Dre, he’s officially in the big leagues. It’s been getting hype from tons of musical collaborators, but does it live up to it? Let’s find out.

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Track 1 – The Chase

Such a strong start. I am so excited to see where this album goes. The frenetic flutes and jazz influence lend so well to his philosophical lyrics. Good shit.

Track 2 – Headlow

Honestly not as strong as The Chase but still such a groove. All of the layering instruments provide for such an encompassing dreamlike state. Reminds me of “Room In Here” from Malibu. Also… unexpected but hilarious “finish”.

Track 3 – Tints

Lowkey a letdown in terms of itself as a single, even though it’s grown on me lately, but in the context of the album, it fits so well. This is the synth-pop that Bruno Marz should live up to! Already I can see .Paak utilizing the track flow on this album perfectly. Everything feels so fast-paced even though ten minutes have passed. Not to mention how Kendrick’s flow feels diverse relative to DAMN. and TPAB.

Track 4 – Who R U?

The chorus has such an infectious flow, and the fun cut-ins that Dre provides really elevates the general vibe of this song. The lyrics aren’t necessarily saying anything new relative to rap’s current state, but the flows and instrumentals are. The main driving beat in the song is much more subtle than most beats nowadays and the variation on the snare drum provides a much-needed originality to this type of song.

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Track 5 – 6 Summers

THIS DUDE’S REALLY GETTING POLITICAL HERE, ALRIGHT! A much more mock-y, lyrical song focused not so much on Orange Man Bad but on the act of revolutions. A fifth certified bop in this album. Shit gets deep. .Paak hasn’t really been that good with slower, sadder songs, as demonstrated in “I Miss The Old Whip”. The only one that he was for sure good at was “The Dreamer” in Malibu.

Track 6 – Saviers Road

is good

Track 7 – Smile

i’m starting to transcend

Track 8 – Petty

I’m in an Anderson trance… it’s about… petty bitches… cannot focus anymore… good song…

Track 9 – Mansa Musa

Okay, time to focus. Dr. Dre. Anderson .Paak. Some chick. Good shit. Flexing. Complex beat like Who R U?. Dre spitting bars. Good shit. Fake Jamaican accents. Unexpected but good shit.

Track 10 – Brother’s Keeper

A very dramatic track, I feel like there is some deeper meaning to these lyrics. Pusha T always brings levity to the song’s he’s rapping over.

Track 11 – Anywhere

Orgasmic bass, orgasmic Snoop. One of the best ones on the album and I’m 40 seconds in. And somehow Anderson’s section on this is smoother and nicer to listen to than Snoop’s. That’s saying a lot.

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Track 12 – Trippy

Sample at the beginning. Is this Malibu again? I’m relaxed. ihiiaweif its godoodood

Track 13 – Cheers

Love the gospel element in this one, paired with the horns. Horns and gospel are utilized in R&B a lot lately, and it always makes the song sound so much better. The church gospel vibe paired with the new age rap flows sounds very original together. .Paak knows how to work sounds! Q-Tip sounds alright. I just don’t love his sound. Good ending though.

Track 14 – Sweet Chick

The lyrics become more original the more he describes this crazy character. The beat is also very varied.

Track 15 – Left to Right

Finishing the album off on a goofier note, he’s imitating a Jamaican dude? Idk. Still like the sound though.


meesa likey

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