Astroworld is Arguably Alternative and I’m down to Clown

I just listened to an episode of .wav radio with Travis Scott. .wav radio is one of the many Apple Music Beats 1 radio stations, and the episode I listened to was, as you might expect, centered around promoting AstroWorld.

They’ve only done like 9 episodes in the past two years or so, but they’ve had some pretty interesting features and it’s worth a listen.

So back to the album. I’ve really bought into Travis Scott’s whole concept behind the album. He basically says that AstroWorld is for kids who want their amusement parks back in our ever more serious world.

In the .wav radio interview, Scott (Webster?!) and the interviewers (super awkwardly) make the point that this album sounds like a lot of old Travis Scott records, and it’s more refining his old sound than it is an experimental, new approach. They also note that AstroWorld isn’t garden-variety trap music; it’s more melodic.

AstroWorld packs some heat, yes, but I really appreciate that this album is legitimately unique. He’s the next, but slightly lesser, Kanye. He should be. He is, after all, ye’s protége. We also forget that Kanye more or less stole the bare-bones sound from the early 2010’s from Scott (although Yeezus is a better album than any Travis Scott record).

When I say he’s the next Kanye, what I mean is that he’s taking the “music CEO” approach that all the blogs seem to be talking about these days. It’s a classic Kanye thing. Scott/Webster had the dude from Tame Impala produce one of the tracks, for example. WebScott details in the .wav interview I keep referring back to that he’s actually a big fan. (If you think you know what Tame Impala is but you’re not sure, it’s the group that made the album cover with the purple and grey wavy lines and the silver ball on the cover).

When I say this is alt rap, I’m saying that he’s deviating from the norm. The norm being a firm opposition to anything not done by the artist himself that’s beset the rap community for as long as I can remember (see the Drake, Pusha T beef and/or the Drake, Meek Mill beef).

Kanye is Kanye. Kanye can do whatever he wants. ScottSter doesn’t exactly have the same clout, but I’m glad he’s taking the same approach.

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