Mason Ramsey’s (hopefully) Here to Stay

This kid is brilliant. If you’re confused, I’m talking about the boy who yodeled so hard in a Walmart that Walmart gave him a real-life concert. His name is Mason and he seems like he’s a good dude.

He has an EP out now, It’s called “Famous – EP” after the title track “Famous.” I know all the words to this song, but I honestly wasn’t the biggest fan. There’s a debate in country music right now about what’s “real,” what’s pop-country, etc in this time of massive record companies, hired songwriters, and the like. Mason’s song choice, lovesick blues by country legend Hank Williams (as well as his adorable instagram handle @lilhankwilliams), suggested that his music would be a breath of fresh air – a return to whatever defines “real” country music.

Famous was good, but it definitely wasn’t the breath of fresh air the world seemed to be optimistically hoping for; it sounded like the cookie-cutter country songs you hear on that one radio station that works as you drive through western Montana. That said, this approach to songwriting is popular for a reason and it can be done well. For example, I was Jack you were Diane by Jake Owen (I was alone on an hour long drive in my grandmother’s minivan, the cruise control was set to 71 in a 70, and I wasn’t really sure if I liked the song because the radio signal was pretty bad so I had to look it up later. Take a listen, it’s nearly as good as the real song). This is important later.

Now two concessions before I rave about this kid. First, I couldn’t listen to the album as a whole, and I think it’s an acquired taste. Much like how Rick Ross is dope but I can’t listen to more than like two songs with his voice on them in a row, Mason Ramsey is great but I can only listen to an eleven year old sing for so long. My second concession is that I am absolutely not an authority on proper country, bluegrass, yodeling, etcetera, but I did know 7 out of the 25 songs on this list and my father named me after Johnny Cash.

The album is 5 tracks. The title track, his cover of lovesick blues, and then 4 new songs all four of which are better than famous. He gives off a Luke Bryan vibe and I dig it. I hope he sticks with it because I like the direction he’s heading in.

He’s got this one song called “Yo Da Lady Who” on the EP. The song title is also the chorus, and it sounds like yodeling noises but is made of words. Mason Ramsey combines this with absolutely rockin’ song and it’s a killer combination.

I think it’s trendy in country right now to look for country roots (as suggested by that song above I said would be important down here), and I hope Mason sticks with it. The John Mellencamp song is one of the greatest of all time, and I liked the tasteful remake.

If Mason Ramsey hangs onto the music he likes and keeps on this path he might just write a few future classics.

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