INTERVIEW with Author Natalie Baszile

Attached below is our interview with Natalie Baszile. The interview was a bunch of fun to do, and she was super honest and open with our questions. We talked a lot about her journey to where she is right now, and how her voice as a writer has changed and evolved throughout her career. I think both of us (John and Owen) were surprised at how much of a process she went through to reach the level of success that she has achieved today. You can hear her talk about her career path in the interview, but the highlights include both college and graduate school, multiple teaching jobs, working in her family business in Southern California, and, obviously, constantly writing all kinds of works, both fiction and non-fiction. Through the various stages of her career, her artistic voice was constantly being refined and changed. She mentioned to us a few times how she leaned on some of her most major influences early in her career, but found that the more she wrote, the more she started to find her own voice. I won’t include any more specifics here, so you can still enjoy the interview. She provided us with a bunch of nice nuggets of information, described what it’s like to work with Oprah, and how she reacted to not having any creative control over the TV show adapted from her novel, Queen Sugar.  


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