Trippie Redd vs 6ix9ine

Over the past couple of months the artists known as Trippie redd and 6ix9ine have been feuding. The beef has been typical “twitter beef” so far. Just an average post showing off how much money each has. After lots of money posts 6ix9ine changed everything. Claiming that he is going for “four for four”, meaning 4 hits out of 4 total songs released. At this point 6ix9ine has only 3 released songs, “Keke, Gummo, Kooda”. Each song has achieved crazy high numbers, each song has well over 3 million views (even Keke which came out a couple days ago). Tripe redd’s response to 6ix9ine being “3 of 3” was a simple one. He posted a video showing well over 100,000 dollars. This response seems shallow and Trippie Redd has nothing to rival 6ix9ine’s impressive “3 of 3” debut. Also, 6ix9ine mentioned how Trippie redd (having worked with xxxtentacion, travis scott and drake) has not had a song on the hot 100. 6ix9ine has three, all three of his songs have reached the hot 100 and are still climbing.

Who is winning the beef? Will the beef get more serious and lead to violence? only time will tell.

nick, rick

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