Sports helping rap come back to its roots?

Prior to this year, the average win percentage for a team up 3-1 in a best of 7 series was about 88%, in other words, as certain a victory as there can be in sports. Then in 2016, we completely trashed that, with 2 of the Big 4 champions (NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL) being crowned after being down 3-1, and in series with teams boasting record setting regular season records. Despite the fact that this has caused a lot of instability in the sporting world, this phenomenon might have actually sparked a new look on the certainty of everything in the world. This idea that not much in life is constant, sparked by the recent uprising in sports has led to a new message in some mainstream rap about the changes constant to life. Prior to this recent change, most of mainstream was a bunch of garbage with a bunch of gang leaders bragging about how rich they are, and frankly it was absolute garbage, from the beat to the lyrics. On the flip side, sports may actually be helping big name rappers get back to some of the stuff they got famous rapping about, and this is a really really good thing, both for everyone in sports and in rap industry.

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