Does Adidas Ultraboost compare to Nike Air?

I’m sure a lot of us have wondered this recently. Does Adidas Ultraboost compare to Nike Air? Ever since Nike released its Air Max line in the late 80’s, they have been a huge success; it seems like anyone into shoes can go on forever naming their favorite Air Maxes. Recently though, the world has been taken storm by Adidas Ultraboost, now found everywhere, from coveted Yeezys to the more cost-friendly NMDs and this begs us to ask the question above. In my opinion, I would personally take a pair of Ultraboosts over Air Maxes any day, but Ultraboost technology is very new compared to Air Max, so I’m not sure if its fair to compare the two. The similarities between the applications beyond the two are endless; both Nike and Adidas use their signature tech in everything, from their basketball shoes, street shoes, running shoes, designer shoe collections; the list seems to go on forever.

As much as I would like to hope to see Ultraboosts around 30 years in the future (believe it or not that’s how long its been since the first Air Max), I can’t say that they will, because who knows if 10 years down the road Adidas finds a new material that is even better to make a shoe out of than the ultraboost material. Despite this, I think that people will still probably have/wear ultraboosts because they are really comfortable, look good, and are pretty hard to find in certain colorways.

In conclusion, Adidas’ Ultraboost definitely deserve to be in the same conversation as Nike’s Air Max, if not already leading it


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