MUST WATCH: Kid orders inappropriate item, mom finds out, kid feigns ignorance in the video of the year


The year is young. It has yet to spread its wings and fly, or open its petals and blossom, or come out of its cocoon and turn into the beautiful butterfly that it will soon be. And yet, we already have our video of the year.

In this lovely age of technology, everything we do is captured. And “everything” includes quite possibly the worst moment of this poor kid’s life. The panic on this guy’s face during the first few seconds when he looks directly into the camera is the most primal, unfiltered look of pure panic and despair that these two eyes have ever seen. He then follows that performance up with a wonderfully placed “what the frick?” in such a classic fake surprised tone of voice.

The most admirable aspect of this amazing video is, without a doubt, the fact that this kid *still* has hope that he can get away with what is happening. His mom reaches for the package, and he pulls it away in his first desperate attempt to save himself. Then, he beautifully plays the ignorance card, acting as if what he has just unwrapped in a vase. Then comes disbelief, then an absolute, pure, last-ditch effort to save himself, as he is shocked (shocked!) that Amazon would mess up his order so badly and give him this vase-type thing that he has no idea about instead of his innocent Xbox controller. “OH wow” our brave protagonist exclaims. “I did not order that”.

Sure man. We believe you. We just hope that one day, you’ll wise up and order items like this to that one sketchy friend’s house, because we all know that friend’s parents isn’t checking the mail. C’mon man. Don’t be a rookie.


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