My New Year’s Resolution: Be More Like Post Malone

It’s 2018! We made it.

I’m a big fan of new year’s resolutions. People think they’re dumb, but I see nothing wrong with trying to better yourself and taking this natural beginning as a time to do so.

To inspire y’all to start your years off right, I thought I should share my own new year’s resolution: I want to be more like Post Malone.

Before I dive in, there are things I don’t want to do that Post does. Whenever I see pictures or videos of him he’s smoking or drinking – my other new year’s resolution is health-related, and y’all should be healthy too, so don’t start bad habits.

In addition to being high on things that are recently legal in California, Post is also the type of guy who’s just high on life. I bring you exhibit A:

The man is beyond carefree. This video literally went viral because people enjoyed looking at how happy he is in it. Why wouldn’t you want to be more like that.

Check this out. Even when he’s sad, he’s happy. The song in the video below is called Feeling Whitney (shameless plug: Feeling Whitney is one of my additions to this week’s New Blog Flow Playlist). Like his song I Fall Apart, it’s about the less happy parts of his life, but look how happy he is to be performing.

What I’ve learned from this is that you can set yourself up to be happy even when you’re sad. If you’re singing a sad song but playing a diamond encrusted guitar for thousands of fans are you going to be sad? Absolutely not.

Post is also ambitious and I love it. He recently said in an interview that he still has only one good song. He has lots of good songs but he’s always trying to be better. This might sound like a really defeating attitude to have, but as long as you’re able to laugh at yourself and move on you probably won’t end up sad.

He’s also a very open minded dude. If you listen to his songs you’ll notice that they’re all fairly different. Also, he’s a rapper that plays the guitar.

Life is crazy. You gotta embrace it.


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