Lamelo Ball’s Signature Shoe

Back in August, 2017, Big Baller Brand unveiled a new signature shoe, for none other than the youngest brother in the family, Lamelo Ball.

Big Baller Brand is, as quoted directly from their Big Baller Brand: “a Lifestyle Apparel company founded on core family values, and inspired by the 3 Ball brothers from Chino Hills, California.”

The founder of Big Baller Brand, Lavar Ball, is the father of 3 brothers who have taken social media by a “storm” after highlights of them playing for their respective high school surfaced on the popular video publishing site Youtube.

The brothers all emerged to fame at Chino Hills High School, where they broke multiple records, earning all three of them (even Freshman Lamelo Ball at the time) UCLA scholarships.

This is the third signature shoe Big Baller Brand has announced, coming right after the ZO2 Prime and the ZO2 Prime Remix.

Lamelo Ball’s signature shoe will be called the “Melo Ball 1s”, very creative, and will have a red/green camouflage color way, resembling what many people would call a “watermelon”.


The “Melo Ball 1s” are controversial not only because they are ugly but because Colleges don’t allow their players to brand their name and sell it. Despite Lamelo Ball recently dropping out of High School to become homeschooled, he is technically a Junior. Many argue that it is okay for Lamelo to release his shoe because it is before his college years. However many also argue that Lamelo won’t be able to play college basketball.

The Melo Ball 1s are currently available for a “pre-order” at a steep price of 395$. While 395$ may seem a lot to pay for a pair of watermelon on your feet, you can be thankful that they are cheaper than Lamelo’s oldest brother’s signature shoe, the ZO2 Prime.

The middle child in the Ball family, Liangelo, hasn’t been forgotten. He claims that he will soon release his signature shoe. However his signature shoe will be released “after college” in order to escape any controversies or issues, as he is currently in his freshman year at UCLA, preparing for an exciting season alongside point guard Jaylen Hands.

If you are looking to purchase Lamelo Ball’s signature shoe, the “Melo Ball 1s”, click on the following link (Sizes 7-13 will be marked at a base 395$ price, however sizes 14-15 will cost 595$ due to the large size difference requiring extra material): Melo Ball 1s

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