Inquisition of the Vespertillionine Vigilante


Lately colloquy regarding a masked vigilante has been rampant, the masked vigilante being, of course, Batman. Once thought to be no more than a mere vaudevillian persona, such a man as this spends his time fighting an for the sake endeavoring campaign to suppress those villainous in nature, who use fear and notoriety to wreak havoc among civilization. Of course being a masked vigilante, this mans acts to vanquish evil only while his visage is veneered. Indubitably Batman’s vivification is a function of a votive, that being vengeance, as of course Batman’s parents expired when he was of young age as a result of a villainous action. With out any anticipation of the vouchsafing of his identity, Batman will persevere in his valorous, vindictive, and vicissitudal vendetta, and likely is a forerunner of incognito and vexing vigilantes.

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