Lonzo Ball’s Fresh Start

A few weeks ago, Lonzo Ball came out with a new shoe, called the ZO2 Prime Remix. Now this isn’t just a new shoe, but it is totally wiping his previous shoe out. On the Big Baller Brand Website, his first shoe has been deleted out and replaced with this one. Big Baller Brand even went as far to state that if you had preordered the original ZO2, that you would now be receiving the remix. Now there are a couple of reasons that this 19 year old rookie player has changed his vision for his shoe.

After Lonzo Ball became the youngest player to have his own signature shoe, he began to receive a lot of criticism around the shoe’s looks. Many people thought he copied Kobe’s and the Adidas Boost sole. Lonzo Ball then responded that he was influenced by many other shoes and he took what he liked and out them in his own. (5:40 of video)

During the Las Vegas Summer League, where Lonzo Ball participated, he was seen wearing multiple different shoes instead of the ZO2. Many people began to speculate that this may have been because of the fact that he only had one pair. Many people thought this because the actual shoe was only scheduled to ship in November, and that he may have had worn out the shoe. Another possible reason that seems more likely due to coming out with a new shoe is speculation that the shoe did not work well. This would make sense of the new shoe. During the summer league, something must have made Lonzo wear a new shoe because in the same video with complex, he stated that he would most likely not wear someone elses shoe. (4:20)

Lonzo Ball wearing Kobes During a Summer League Game

Now getting to the specifics of the ZO2 Remix may help better understand the reasons behind switching shoes. On the Big Baller Brand Website(bigballerbrand.com). The websites states that the remixes are “The lightest basketball shoes in the history of the game.” The website also highlights that the shoe is made with carbon fiber and many different types of new technology to the shoe industry. Because of the shoe having a new look and technology, the reasons for a new shoe may be because of criticism directed to Lonzo Ball and the previous shoe not working very well.

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