Aminé’s Good For You – A Weird Album by a Weird Dude

2017 XXL Freshman Aminé seems to be a cool but super nerdy dude. His bars are clever, fun, and new in a way that makes his music incredibly charming, and it’s readily apparent that behind the joking is a very intelligent young artist.

A perfect example of his who he is, as far as the world’s seen thus far in his short career, is his appearance on the Tonight Show. Aminé was talented, he was clearly having a lot of fun on stage, and he stood up for his political beliefs with the verse he tagged onto the end of his performance- the line “You can never make America great again/ All you ever did was make this country hate again” was fantastic.

Between his hit single “Caroline,” and the release of his debut album, amine released the songs “Baba” (there’s only a Soundcloud link for this, and I won’t bother because Soundcloud might not exist soon), and “REDMERCEDES“. The former was disappointing, but the latter was a banger. All in all, he’s doing very well for a young, up-and-coming artist, and his releasing some very forgettable tracks isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Speaking of forgettable tracks, there were a lot on this Album. Speaking of things forgotten, remember Nelly? he gets a feature on this album and it’s not bad at all.

For me, the standout tracks were Yellow, Spice Girl, and Sundays. They sound like hanging out with friends feels, and I think that’s more or less what Aminé was going for.

I said earlier that there were some pretty forgettable tracks, and I think that this album would be twice as good if it were tightened up a bit. 15 pretty short tracks isn’t too much in regard to runtime, but a lot of the songs felt like they were trying too hard, or like they were underdeveloped. Also, the song “STFU” is annoying and it should have been cut.

The music is about the feeling, though, and this project has good vibes top to bottom. Aminé knows what he’s trying to sound like, though, and I think he’ll get there. Hopefully he does so in a way that doesn’t leave all his songs sounding as similar as the songs on Good for You. I really want to see this guy succeed.

Solid 7/10, but there are some nice tracks.

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