Why In Search Of Did More for me than Illmatic


2002 seems to have been a weird time (I was only a year old, but I’m making assumptions based on all the pictures of oversized t-shirts I’ve seen). N.E.R.D’s In Search Of is an album that’s as weird as the year it was made, but it’s really, really playable – you could put the album on shuffle and have the perfect playlist for a solid hour.

This album starts on a high, and pretty much stays there for all twelve tracks, but that’s not a bad thing. Obviously, some of the songs are slower than the others, but they’re all wild.

The guitars in this project are great; I think that’s something that’s missing from today’s hip hop.

You could say the music’s cheesy, but that’s not a problem as long as you decide to get into it. It sort of sounds like the Black-Eyed peas, but they were great.

My only issue with this album is that songs are all a little bit too similar – it makes it easy to forget you’re listening to an album. In Search Of can quickly become background music if you’re not paying attention.

It’s great, though. There’s the track provider which starts as a good song with some nice guitar stuff in the back, but then gets twice as good about halfway through when the drums start doing a double-time thing. For me, the songs provider, and Bobby James are the standout tracks because they’re the songs that sound the most different compared to the rest of the project, not necessarily because they’re the best songs.

This album is dripping in almost as much swag as a Jay-Z project, and the dudes in N.E.R.D are legitimately rock stars.

To reference the Tyler, the Creator reference from the title: I think that I agree with Tyler because I’ve never really liked classic rap stuff as much as the world seems to. The World is Yours is a song that’s better than all of In Search Of combined (and the movie Dope made a strong case for why that song is dope), but other than that I don’t love Illmatic.

If you haven’t heard the album before, or if you haven’t heard it in a while – go give it a listen.




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