Is Lorde’s New Album, Melodrama, as fly as her debut album?


I really liked Pure Heroin. It was a bit of a change of pace from what I normally listen to, but it was an interesting album and the music was really cool. The song “royals” was the smash hit single, and it wasn’t even the best song of the album.I especially enjoyed the thing she did on songs like “the Love Club” and “Tennis Court” where a sample of a voice was pitched up and down and used like a keyboard to play the melody of the song.

The new album is supposed to be more mature, more grown-up than her debut project. That makes sense – it’s a natural progression, and Lorde said in interviews that the time before this project dropped was was the first time where she really felt like a proper adult.

Melodrama is also strong lyrically. She’s finding herself and such, and when you listen to the album you’re able to understand exactly how she feels.

All that said, I found the first half of the album to be pretty boring. It’s objectively pretty good, but I got bored. The music didn’t feel as new as the tracks in Pure Heroin, and I wasn’t paying much attention. It’s more of a pop album than the first one was, and I think that’s probably why I like it less – I’m not trying to be that guy who outwardly hates pop music, I don’t. What I’m saying is that this album doesn’t do the things that the first album did that made it so good.

I understand that, unless you’re Gucci Mane, you probably can’t just make more than one of the same album, but I would like to have seen more than just lyrics be what separates this album from the rest.

I’ve spent a lot of time saying negative things about this project, so I want to point out that it’s still a good album, and it seems to be getting very good reviews, and I’m probably gonna keep listening to it even after this review.

Also, the second half of the album is more interesting… but to answer the question in the title of this article: no, it’s not as fly as the first album was. I’m not sure it could have been, but it’s still disappointing.

Solid 7/10 – John.

P.S. I’m aware that the hyperlink doesn’t even really have anything to do with the sentence it’s in. It’s just funny.

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