Why do people hate Supreme?

908433-klekt-supreme-box-logo-crewneck-normal.jpgThe brand Supreme is a, for lack of a better word, huge and powerful brand. People wait in lines two days before the actual release date. Some people are even killed over shirts, jackets, and the like. Every year the market of Supreme resellers makes an immense amount of money.

This market is not friendly at all, selling shirts made of 100 percent cotton for prices over 300 dollars. Even selling a brick, yes a brick, for 60 dollars and above.

These over priced items items are the reason why many people shy away from buying Supreme and anything Supreme for resale prices. In my opinion, a lot of Supreme’s items are really interesting and look good. If someone can get something supreme for a reasonable price, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

I do understand most people’s opinions that people shouldn’t pay over 200 dollars for a t-shirt. There are also many people who don’t like anything Supreme, even for retail. Some items like the Kermit tee, and regular box logo items are super cool to wear and to have. The retail prices for those items are (respectively) 44 dollars, and anywhere ranging from 44-148 dollars.

Now, are you telling me that 44 dollars is too much for a shirt? What is the difference when people pay insane amounts for cars when really you’re just buying the brand. A Honda and a BMW , in many cases, function the exact same. Yet many people prefer the BMW. This same logic goes to Supreme. Sure, a white shirt is similar to a plain Supreme box logo, but you’re still getting a really comfortable, good quality, and especially, great looking shirt.

Thanks, and as always,

Signing off,

Nick Rick,

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