Drake: More Life – Review


I want to start this off by saying I’m not quite sure what this album is. It’s “a playlist with all original music,” yeah, but at the very start I thought this was an excuse to try less hard on making the album. In an interview with Billboard, Nineteen85 said that Drake is putting out “good ideas…without making it a big ordeal.” I thought that this would be something similar to Kendrick Lamar’s untitled unmastered (but that happened to be a pretty good project). He gave young artists, like some girl who won a singing contest somewhere, a shot at the spotlight on this project, though. I thought that was nice and it went well.

I was pleasantly surprised by the entire “playlist”; it’s good. I like Drake music so that’s probably why – it sounds like most of his other recent music. There’s a reason twitter exploded over this album last weekend.

Shoutout Kanye for production on some of the songs. Also shoutout Kanye for the Kanye song. It was better than I expected – sometimes Kanye features are lyrically not that great.


Little side note, this project does the thing Tyler the Creator did on Cherry Bomb where the end of the songs flows right into the start of the next song (It turns out that Tyler copied this from a guitarist he works with regularly – Austin Feinstein).

Other side note: can Drake say “ting?” He does, but like is he allowed to? All I’m saying is it would be weird if I started saying it.

This project is reeaalllllly long – It’s literally longer than If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Personally, I think it’s too long but it is about playlist length.


In classic Drake fashion, it’s an introspective album. The third track, with it’s cheeky little Passion/Passin’ pun, is a more up-tempo sad Drake than Marvin’s room drake. It’s not all great. A lot of the songs are like this, and it starts to feel repetitive after a while, but the songs are good and there are some gems (4422 features an artist called Sampha who’s a pretty good singer).

Gyalchester brings the album back from Drake being real real deep in his feelings to some classic Drake money-rap type stuff. It’s about struggles from fame and such, but it’s sill cool – still a flex. “I don’t take naps,/ me and the money are way too attached to go and do that,” and the start of the chorus: “Hermès link, ice blue mink,” for example.


The second half of the album has cool features. There’s nothing much to say about these – all the songs that feature people (except the Kanye track) sounds like their music. If you like PARTYNEXTDOOR, you’ll like the track they’re featured on. If you like 2Chainz and Thugger, you’ll like Sacrifices. If you like Quavo and Travi$, you’ll like Portland. You get the point.

Bottom line: Good project, some Bangers, some not Bangers. It’s definitely worth the listen so that you can put your favorites in another playlist.




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