Future? some thoughts.


A couple weeks ago Future dropped two albums. One was self titled and the other was “HNDRXX.”

To be completely honest, I don’t understand why the first project exists. He’s been on top of his genre for a while, so whatever he’s doing works…but I don’t understand the difference between his songs. The album, Future, is a whole lot of fun, but so is his other music. To me, it feels like he’s just making song after song at this point because it doesn’t take a lot of effort.

The success of a trap artists seems to depend a lot on the sheer volume of music they churn out (pun intended). We saw it with Gucci mane a long time ago and we’re seeing it again with Future.

What I’m saying is, I understand why he keeps making more of the same songs – trap music with lyrics about girls, money, drugs and the like, but I really don’t think they need to exist.

I do think, that the HNDRXX project is an awesome turn. I was disappointed by “Future,” because I was really hoping for something that would take the music in a new direction. “HNDRXX” does exactly that.

It has a whole new R&B feel and includes features from artists like the weeknd and Rihanna. It’s a much deeper sound that makes the music feel more meaningful while maintaining Future’s signature mumble-rap style.

It’s a fantastic album. Go listen to it.

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