On Kanye West…The Temporary Mental Downfall of a Superstar

I went to the Oakland Kanye concert a few months ago, and the entire experience was fantastic. ‘ye threatened to boycott the Grammys in support of Frank Ocean (video). There was a floating stage, great loud music, and lights everywhere.


The only thing I didn’t love was the merch, and I did like the merch, but I payed far too much for that long sleeve saint pablo Gildan t-shirt.

The show was as erratic as anyone would expect. Yeezus performed his controversial opening lines to the song “Famous” something like nine times before he performed the song all the way through.

What I wanted to focus on, though, was the very lengthy performance of “Runaway.” After Kanye performed the regular part of the song, with the audience nostalgically singing along, he sat on a corner of the stage and talked to us as he looped the outtro. He would talk about some facet of his genius, pause for effect, sing “run away from me baby, runaway” for effect, and then continue his oration.

He seemed to be just a little crazy, but he explained how people say that just to put him down because he’s “not regular.”

Don’t get me wrong, ‘ye is, and always will be, a hip-hop legend, and I do think that he is a creative genius. That said, his mental state was probably not as stable as he claimed back in October.

Since then, some interesting things have happened. Kanye canceled his tour, was hospitalized, made friends with Donald Trump, and he recently wore, and supported, the confederate flag.

kanye-west-confederate-flag-x17 I think the flag was the most interesting, and the most unexpected. Much of Kanye’s music is about racial struggle, but he called it “his flag.” In a very Trump statement, he said “react how you want, any energy is good energy.”

What I’m saying is, he’s come out of the hospital even more controversial than he was before. There’s no way to truly understand Mr. West, but we can always try.

For his fans, I think everything will go well. Kanye seems to be more Kanye than ever, so I’m sure we’ll get new content that’s even better than what he’s already given us. For those who don’t like Kanye, I’m sorry but there’s clearly no stopping him now.


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