Why true Hip Hop artists have to make it last

If you listen to pop music, you will probably realize that some people just seem to never go away, like Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga. The same goes for every other type of music, including mainstream hip-hop with artists such as Jay-Z and Kanye coming out with a hit album seemingly every year. On the other hand, true hip hop has not had a single star on top of charts for more than a year or two, which is kind of strange, given that all other genres have an artist who has been around for a decade and just won’t go away. In addition, the true hip hop artists never tend to resurface after a few years like Timberlake did. These artists usually experience a sudden income flow that they have never prepared for that ends a lot quicker than they think and gets in their heads. Sudden fame getting to an artists head also makes their music worse because usually they start to lose all their humility and think they are the best rapper of all time and all of that lack of focus disrupts  the music and the flow of the song. All of this seems to lead to the conclusion that while Hip Hop artists command the attention of the mainstream public occasionally, they need to make it last, because they most likely will never have that chance again.

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