Thank you, Mr. Tokyo

Now, I know some people will count out my credibility after my fiasco of an article. Now that is my opinion and I will defend it to the death of me. Mr. Tokyo made a new album quite some time ago but I decided it was worth talking about. Now this album has a few “bangers” as the kids call it these days. Unfortunately the songs cannot reach “Uber Everywhere” and “Kelley Rowland” status but the songs still have an amazing bounce to them. The album starts off with the quiet yet deadly song, “Broken Hearts” this song shows the listener the classic sound we have grown so fond of and accustom to, sadly this is a forgettable song and not that memorable. Next track “Skateboard P” is, in my opinion, one of my favorite songs from the album. It is impossible to listen to the song without Hitting them folks. “Skateboard P” provides that tone similar to uber everywhere and is a song you and your friends can “turn up” to as the kids say. “Mr. Tokyo” is a song that provides a slight different style. Listening to it provides that chill feeling or maybe even a sad feeling. The transition between “Skateboard P” and “Mr. Tokyo” is amazing, wonderful song arrangement by Madeintyo. An amazing dance song to that Sunday afternoon chill song. “Gucci Polo” is a commercially famous song but I, quite frankly, do not see it. It has a okay beat and okay flow but it is quite forgettable. “Lose it” as well is quite forgettable but still is not a bad song. It is possible to listen to the entire album in one take now, but in the future I might skip this song. Now, “Drip” is the next banger, the best song of the album. High Hit ‘dem folks levels and high turn up levels. Extremely catchy and provides the listener with amazing flow and beats. The other tracks are as well forgettable, but every once in a while one can listen to them, but not regularly. Madeintyo comes back strong after his first album “You Are Forgiven” this album has many classics and songs I, personally, still love to listen to. “Thank you Mr. Tokyo” is to new to say it has classics or anything (think Star Wars the Force Awakens, too early to decide if it is better than the classics) This album is amazing, top five of the year, I urge everyone to listen now.


Signing off,

Yours truly,

Nick Rick 11_Nice


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