Young Thug, “Jeffery”


After listening many many many different times I have realized myself that Young Thug is truly a talented artist. His sense of melody, no one can compete with him. His entertainingly hilarious lyrics, no one can compete with them. His extremely catchy chorus’s, no one can compete with them. This album, in my opinion is one of the best of the year, 2016. There are many albums you can listen to without feeling anything – just bopping your head. Listening the Young Thug just gives the urge to get up, dance, and get some blood flowing. No artist has been able to do such a thing since well, Run DMC in the 80s. Young thug is the modern reincarnation of Run DMC. That catchy hip-hop sound just makes you dance. Run DMC introduced the hip-hop culture that is still around today: shoe sponsorships, artist fashion recognition, and many more. Young thug hasn’t yet reached that status but he will. Most artists songs get overplayed by the radio and eventually everyone is sick of hearing (Broccoli by DRAM, One Night by Lil Yachty) this is yet to happen to Young Thug. His verses, his choruses, his flow, and his beats are the reason why Young Thug is one of the best rappers to listen to as of now. All of this styles are highly implemented in his album, “Jeffery”. It has an amazing sound, and still consists of all those funny lyrics we have came to love over the years, “I just found that rats can use their lips” (Floyd Mayweather, Young Thug). As a fan of music I am extremely excited for Young Thug’s next work of art.

Listen here:

Signing off,

Nick Rick 11

4 thoughts on “Young Thug, “Jeffery”

  1. I really disagree! Young Thug sucks! Ever since his first song, Minnesota, (Lil Yachty, young, etc.) he has been cheesin on fools really fast, disgusting! Don’t talk about Young Thug, he sux, he ain’t even rollin with lil reese and them.


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