Is Andre 3000 Making A Comeback?

First, Andre 3000 was on Kanye’s song 30 Hours. Next, he featured on Frank Ocean’s album on the track Solo (reprise). Next, Gucci Mane snapchatted a video of himself saying that he “just did a record for Outkast”. Most recently, he was on multiple tracks on Travis Scott’s album Birds In the Trap Sing McKnight. 

Does this mean that Andre/Outkast is coming back soon????

There have also been rumors that Big Boi has been in the studio. Big Boi, of course, recently released a solo album in 2012. While a representative for Andre 3000 stated that there is “no Outkast news to report” and it has been confirmed that the song Gucci referenced in that snapchat video is not for Outkast, it certainly seems as if there have been a whole lot of news surrounding Andre and Outkast.


Andre has recently stated that “he’s always recording”, so at least that’s something.

So while there’s no new Outkast album coming (at least for now, we can always hope right?), it certainly seems that Andre has been working. He also said that he could release “some kind of music project”.

So what does this all mean?

Probably nothing to be honest. Andre’s just saying all the right things. That doesn’t actually mean that he’s going to release any music. Why would a musician not say that he’s in the studio making music? He’s pretty much just saying what we want to hear.

Sigh. Come back Andre.

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