BAPE x Adidas NMD shoes are official. And there is a release date.

Adidas has been killing it recently. From their Ultra Boost line, possibly the most comfortable and stylish shoe on the market, to the Yeezy line, to the NMDs, everything that has three stripes on it has flourished. Even the classic Stan Smiths have been making a major comeback.

And now, possibly to combat the success of Nike’s collabs with popular streetwear brand Supreme, Adidas has worked with BAPE to make the BAPE x NMD.


As you can see in the picture, the shoe will come in two colorways. The first features BAPE’s classic camo pattern, and features two shades of green and two shades of brown on the upper. The second pair is all black, but the camo remains, just in a much less pronounced state. If you look closely at each pair, you can see BAPE’s Ape logo featured multiple times in the camo pattern.

So when are these beauties going to come out?

The day after black Friday, which is September 26th. The day following black Friday has always been a great day for sneakerheads, as it seems like every company always releases a bunch of their most hyped shoes on that day.

These BAPE NMDs however, these things are special. They are going to sell out instantly, no matter the price point.

So who’s going to get them for me? Thanks guys I appreciate it I’m a size 12. Blogfather signing off.

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