Why The 1975’s Album Was so Successful and Why Matt Healy is a Genius


Three years after releasing their self-titled album, The 1975 came back stronger than ever with their album I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. In preparation for their sophomore album, the 1975 scared fans by disabling all of their social media.

Fans worried about the 1975’s impending break up until Matt Healy, the lead singer, posted a cryptic announcement. The lead singer, posted a comic that depicted a black figure behind a pink figure, labeled “Old Matty” and “New Matty”. Next to this image was a blurry letter, seemingly addressed to fans that read, “Our projected identity must change not only visually but philosophically – how do you do that? Firstly we must reclaim our identity & repossess our control of it…Until then there won’t be any pop music or dancing with long hair.” The band ended this confession saying, “We can’t simply go on forever- always staying the same, never evolving. So we must leave, with a parting ‘we love you’ – we are already gone.” This note sent fans into a frenzy. What was happening? Who was the “New Matty”?

All of these questions seemed to be answered when all the band’s social media accounts reappeared posting the same pastel pink picture. Fans soon learned that The 1975 were not gone, just pink. The band had been famous previously for their grungy black and white aesthetic, so their adoption of all things bubblegum pink was a drastic change. At first one might think that a change in appearance for a band isn’t much of a change at all. Matt Healy stated in an interview with MTV, “I think we found a bit of solace in keeping everything black and white, because it keeps things quite detached from reality and kind of puts a boundary between us and what’s actually happening.” The bands change in color scheme was not simply them rebranding but they were reinventing themselves, most not only in their aesthetics but in their music.

The 1975’s signature sound is maintained in their sophomore album. However, there is an entirely different mood. Their self-titled debut album is a collection of alternative rock songs that immerse the listeners in the struggles of the lead singer. In contrast, i like it when you sleep is filled with harsh social criticisms and observations surrounding the topics of individuality, sexuality, religion, mental health, family, and love.

The most interesting part of the 1975’s sophomore album, especially for long time fans, is the parallels in lyrics from the first and second album. The second album is filled to the brim with extensions lyrically as well as criticisms at the band’s earlier naivety.  There are a few specific songs that connect the first and second album. The chorus of their hit song “The City” exclaims, “If you wanna find love then you know where the city is”. The 1975 rebuts this statement in a moment of regret and disappointment with their song “A Change of Heart” saying, “I feel as though I was deceived, I never found love in the city.” Again in one of the band’s most famous songs, Robbers, Matty describes a girl saying, “She had a face straight outta magazine.”

Once again, in “A Change of Heart”, Matty sings, “You used to have a face straight out of a magazine, now you just look like anyone.” As implied by the title, “Change of Heart” describes much of the evolution of the band’s opinions and how they have changed in the three years before releasing their second album. Matt Healy is without a doubt pretentious, but he gets a way with it because of his lyrics. While he is keen to criticize society and those around him, he is hardest on himself by incorporating witty self-awareness and self-deprecation. Matty described this tendency to criticism himself saying, “One of the things that I want people to be aware of is that if I’m talking with a kind of sense of dissatisfaction about behavior I’m normally talking about me.”

The song “She Way Out”, in their first album has the lyrics, “She said it’s not about your body, it’s just social implications are brought upon by this party that we’re sitting in. And I’d like to say you’ve changed but you’re always the same.” Matt Healy is criticizing social structure with his lyrics. The female character in his song is insisting that there is nothing wrong with Matty and they can attribute all faults in character to flaws in society. However, in his song “The Sound”, he retaliates by singing, “It’s not about reciprocation, it’s just all about me. A sycophantic, prophetic, socratic, junkie wannabe.” Matty is without a doubt a genius lyricist who is able to criticize his own narcissism eloquently.

One song that encapsulates the genius that is Matt Healy is the song “If I believe you”. Matty has always been outspoken on his opinions on religion, once tweeting, “’Religious belief resolves no moral problem and yields no knowledge’. “If I believe you” is a cry to God that introduces a paradox that because of his lack of interest in God, he can’t seem to find a purpose. The song is a criticism that uses comedy to express his perspective with lines like, “I’ll be your child if you insist. I mean, if it was you that made my body you probably shouldn’t have made me atheist”.

Matt Healy prides himself on being self-aware, and claims he understands that things he says can come across as pretentious. He recognizes the criticism surrounding the aesthetics of the band, but he has strong beliefs surrounding his own art which is why the band has reached so much success. In an interview with Hit 30, Matty expressed his belief that, “The only art… worth investing in is art that makes you feel personally addressed…You either acquire that through a true belief in something or immersing yourself in a world that you believe. The continuity and the consistency between our music and the way we look, or our presence on the internet, all of our visuals, all of our album artwork. It’s so intertwined that it gives people this sense of identity. It feels like you’re buying into something that is more dynamic and more believable and more human than something that isn’t as thought out.” In another interview with MTV, Matt encapsulated the spirit of the band’s sophomore album saying, “It’s about making decisions. Making bold decisions.

The record is kind of comprised of that attitude. Conviction and truth…it’s a pursuit of the truth and the pursuit of excellence.” The success of the band can be attributed to their aesthetics, appearance, lyrics, instrumentals, stage performance and attitude. Matty is a genius, but above that, he is an entertainer. He recognizes flaws in himself and society and he pieces together to create beautiful lyrics and a brand that makes fans feel part of something bigger.

Thank you, Mr. Tokyo

Now, I know some people will count out my credibility after my fiasco of an article. Now that is my opinion and I will defend it to the death of me. Mr. Tokyo made a new album quite some time ago but I decided it was worth talking about. Now this album has a few “bangers” as the kids call it these days. Unfortunately the songs cannot reach “Uber Everywhere” and “Kelley Rowland” status but the songs still have an amazing bounce to them. The album starts off with the quiet yet deadly song, “Broken Hearts” this song shows the listener the classic sound we have grown so fond of and accustom to, sadly this is a forgettable song and not that memorable. Next track “Skateboard P” is, in my opinion, one of my favorite songs from the album. It is impossible to listen to the song without Hitting them folks. “Skateboard P” provides that tone similar to uber everywhere and is a song you and your friends can “turn up” to as the kids say. “Mr. Tokyo” is a song that provides a slight different style. Listening to it provides that chill feeling or maybe even a sad feeling. The transition between “Skateboard P” and “Mr. Tokyo” is amazing, wonderful song arrangement by Madeintyo. An amazing dance song to that Sunday afternoon chill song. “Gucci Polo” is a commercially famous song but I, quite frankly, do not see it. It has a okay beat and okay flow but it is quite forgettable. “Lose it” as well is quite forgettable but still is not a bad song. It is possible to listen to the entire album in one take now, but in the future I might skip this song. Now, “Drip” is the next banger, the best song of the album. High Hit ‘dem folks levels and high turn up levels. Extremely catchy and provides the listener with amazing flow and beats. The other tracks are as well forgettable, but every once in a while one can listen to them, but not regularly. Madeintyo comes back strong after his first album “You Are Forgiven” this album has many classics and songs I, personally, still love to listen to. “Thank you Mr. Tokyo” is to new to say it has classics or anything (think Star Wars the Force Awakens, too early to decide if it is better than the classics) This album is amazing, top five of the year, I urge everyone to listen now.


Signing off,

Yours truly,

Nick Rick 11_Nice


Young Thug, “Jeffery”


After listening many many many different times I have realized myself that Young Thug is truly a talented artist. His sense of melody, no one can compete with him. His entertainingly hilarious lyrics, no one can compete with them. His extremely catchy chorus’s, no one can compete with them. This album, in my opinion is one of the best of the year, 2016. There are many albums you can listen to without feeling anything – just bopping your head. Listening the Young Thug just gives the urge to get up, dance, and get some blood flowing. No artist has been able to do such a thing since well, Run DMC in the 80s. Young thug is the modern reincarnation of Run DMC. That catchy hip-hop sound just makes you dance. Run DMC introduced the hip-hop culture that is still around today: shoe sponsorships, artist fashion recognition, and many more. Young thug hasn’t yet reached that status but he will. Most artists songs get overplayed by the radio and eventually everyone is sick of hearing (Broccoli by DRAM, One Night by Lil Yachty) this is yet to happen to Young Thug. His verses, his choruses, his flow, and his beats are the reason why Young Thug is one of the best rappers to listen to as of now. All of this styles are highly implemented in his album, “Jeffery”. It has an amazing sound, and still consists of all those funny lyrics we have came to love over the years, “I just found that rats can use their lips” (Floyd Mayweather, Young Thug). As a fan of music I am extremely excited for Young Thug’s next work of art.

Listen here:

Signing off,

Nick Rick 11

Is Andre 3000 Making A Comeback?

First, Andre 3000 was on Kanye’s song 30 Hours. Next, he featured on Frank Ocean’s album on the track Solo (reprise). Next, Gucci Mane snapchatted a video of himself saying that he “just did a record for Outkast”. Most recently, he was on multiple tracks on Travis Scott’s album Birds In the Trap Sing McKnight. 

Does this mean that Andre/Outkast is coming back soon????

There have also been rumors that Big Boi has been in the studio. Big Boi, of course, recently released a solo album in 2012. While a representative for Andre 3000 stated that there is “no Outkast news to report” and it has been confirmed that the song Gucci referenced in that snapchat video is not for Outkast, it certainly seems as if there have been a whole lot of news surrounding Andre and Outkast.


Andre has recently stated that “he’s always recording”, so at least that’s something.

So while there’s no new Outkast album coming (at least for now, we can always hope right?), it certainly seems that Andre has been working. He also said that he could release “some kind of music project”.

So what does this all mean?

Probably nothing to be honest. Andre’s just saying all the right things. That doesn’t actually mean that he’s going to release any music. Why would a musician not say that he’s in the studio making music? He’s pretty much just saying what we want to hear.

Sigh. Come back Andre.

Why Endless/Blonde is the Best Album of 2016 – a Review

It’s an amazing double-header of a project. Here’s why.

Frocean fans have spent four years not-so-patiently waiting for new music from the Grammy award winning artist. On July, 417th, 2015 Ocean finally released Endless.

Endless first.

On the “Endless” live stream, instrumentals faded in and out as time passed, but there was a lot more to be desired. Watching it began to feel as pointless as checking Boys Don’t Cry every day for the last year did.

Eventually the visual album came out, and it was fly as hell. Ocean did well to present “Endless” as an hour long project as opposed to a collection of individual songs. It was all ambiance, and it felt like I was floating through the album. With the exception of “Commes de Garçons”, my favorite track, the album experience doesn’t work when it’s broken down.

I think the visual album doesn’t really work when it’s broken down because the songs sound so open. They sound like listening to the album as if you’re actually in the warehouse from the video – a song by itself is too spacey.

It should be noted that Ocean fulfilled his Def Jam contract by releasing this album (and they officially released him from his contract early). Much more of the profits from the actual album, Blonde, will go to Ocean himself. That’s a power move right there, but I digress.

The wait finally ended on July 418th of 2015. That Sunday morning, the video for Nikes dropped, and we all were reminded of the old Frank Ocean. We were reminded especially of Ocean’s love for film references. Most obviously, there was the the American Beauty reference:american-beauty-refrence-image-jpg

With Frank Back to his usual self, it was easy to forgive him for the wait.

Blonde, in short, is an amazing album. It’s much quieter than Channel Orange, but in a good way. Good vibes for sure.

When people say they don’t like the album, it’s probably because of how soft it is. If you’re listening to it wrong you’re not going to enjoy it. You have to give the music your undivided attention on your first run through the album.

A zine was released at pop-up shops at the same time as the album, but it’s silly hard to get one. Ocean’s mom on Instagram said to be patient, though. Hopefully we’ll all be able to get the zine one day.


Speaking of the zine, this picture of the list of collaborators surfaced on the internet, and it’s wild. Some of them are probably samples, but it’s still a crazy list. Andre 3000 seems to be making a comeback, Brian Eno is a legend, James Blake is super overrated but apparently he’s good, Kanye’s a God, Pharell has never made a bad decision in his entire career, and my guess is that Tyler the Creator produced “Pink+White.”

In the end there’s really no reason to not like the album. It doesn’t do anything wrong. It’s so good that I miss a boyfriend I’ve never had, and I’m not even gay. Ocean seems to have found vocal maturity, and his songs that slap harder than a WorldStar fight comp.

If you haven’t, go listen to the album.

BAPE x Adidas NMD shoes are official. And there is a release date.

Adidas has been killing it recently. From their Ultra Boost line, possibly the most comfortable and stylish shoe on the market, to the Yeezy line, to the NMDs, everything that has three stripes on it has flourished. Even the classic Stan Smiths have been making a major comeback.

And now, possibly to combat the success of Nike’s collabs with popular streetwear brand Supreme, Adidas has worked with BAPE to make the BAPE x NMD.


As you can see in the picture, the shoe will come in two colorways. The first features BAPE’s classic camo pattern, and features two shades of green and two shades of brown on the upper. The second pair is all black, but the camo remains, just in a much less pronounced state. If you look closely at each pair, you can see BAPE’s Ape logo featured multiple times in the camo pattern.

So when are these beauties going to come out?

The day after black Friday, which is September 26th. The day following black Friday has always been a great day for sneakerheads, as it seems like every company always releases a bunch of their most hyped shoes on that day.

These BAPE NMDs however, these things are special. They are going to sell out instantly, no matter the price point.

So who’s going to get them for me? Thanks guys I appreciate it I’m a size 12. Blogfather signing off.

Kanye’s New Shoe is pretty much just the Reebok Classic.

Kanye West has been designing shoes for quite some time now. From Nike to Adidas, he has a bunch of models, all different from each other. But he really messed up with this new one. 

Kanye’s been working with Adidas for quite some time now. He first released the Yeezy 750 Boost, which was one of the most successful shoes of 2015, then he moved onto the various colorways of the 350 boost, also a crazy successful model. He also made a couple of pairs of boots with Adidas, but no one really cares about those.

His newest prototype with Adidas leaked online tonight, and it looks preeetttyyyy familiar.

Here we have the Reebok Classics:


And here is the leaked photo of the new Adidas Yeezy “Calabasas”



What are you doing Kanye? You’re already insanely rich and successful. People are going to buy your shoes no matter what they look like. I mean the Yeezy 350 is just a normal trainer with a distorted zebra pattern. And those things are the hottest shoes out right now. He could literally just draw whatever he wants on a sketchpad, and then the people of Adidas will make it, and then it will sell out.

There’s literally no point to Kanye stealing designs, when anything he touches turns to a $200 dollar product. Especially from the Reebok Classics. Those are one of the most iconic shoes of all time. Everyone is going to recognize the silhouette. So… if everyone is going to call you out on it… it’s probably not a great idea to steal designs.

Finally, I mean, the shoes don’t even look that great. They look like a bootleg pair of the Reeboks, and those Reeboks were popular a whiiillleeee ago. That whole style is just not working for anyone these days.

So unless you’re now making shoes for old dudes at a tennis club, do better Kanye. I know you’re reading. Actually, scratch that. Don’t just do better, Ye, be better.